Hamster balls are hollow balls that have a lockable opening that allows your hamster to have a run around outside of their cage securely and safely. They are designed to give your hamster exercise and stimulate their adventurous minds. Since the 1970s Hammy balls have been made and sold to pet owners. Hamster balls are made of sturdy, transparent plastic with air holes and a little door opening that allows you to put the hamster in.

It is not a good idea to allow your hamster to stay in the ball for extended periods of time because of their lack of access to water can cause heatstroke and illness. Even though your hamster ball is designed to protect your hamster, you should monitor your hamster at all times while in the ball and do not allow them near the stairs or steep declines. If the hamster ball picks up too much speed, it may somersault a little Dwarf Hamster and cause injury.

A Hamster Ball provides a convenient place to put your hamster while you clean our their cage.

Most Hamster balls are full size and designed for Syrian hamsters. Dwarf Hamsters are typically half the size of a Syrian Hamster, so it is wise to purchase a small hamster ball designed for Dwarf Hamsters. Kaytee Hamster Ball is a perfect size for Dwarf hamsters, has excellent reviews and represents good value for money.